Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets

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We plant a 🌲 for every order!

We do laundry different. No plastic. No parabens. No chlorine. No added dyes. Yuck. You're only a strip away from magical cleaning. 

Works with all types of washing machines and temperatures.

Houdini-like magical cleaning without the waste

We're proud to say that our detergent is effective while being 100% zero-waste and plastic-free.

Easily Dissolves

The Houdini Difference

Houdini laundry detergent is a safe, simple, & more effective alternative to conventional detergents. It's also zero-waste so it's better for the 🌎 too!

It's time that you #MadeTheSwitch

Our detergent is just as effective as liquid detergent without the bad stuff. There are no parabens, chlorine, phosphates, or added dyes in any of our products.

It's so safe you can even bathe in it (we just had to test it...)

Water(a teensy bit), Starch(great for biodegradability), Glycerin(helps with stains), Mineral oil(processing aid), Potassium sorbate(natural preservative), Cocamidopropyl Betaine(helps clean), PVA(Helps with consistency), Sodium Gluconate(helps clean and prevent microbes), Sulfonic Acids(cleaning agents), and Lauramine oxide(foam stabilizer)

Over 700,000,000 plastic detergent jugs end up in our landfills, oceans or are incinerated every year. This is an insane number and no one is talking about it. It matters more than ever and we're here to change that.

By switching to Houdini, you're also lowering shipping emissions due to out lightweight and compact design of our strips. We never use plastic and all of our packaging is recyclable as well as biodegradable.

As a plus, for every order of a 96 and up pack, we'll plant a tree. The loads with the 🌲 emoji are eligible.

Most Definitely! Our team uses it ourselves and we have full faith in our products. We use it to fight the toughest stains and want to share it with the world.

We're so confident that we also offer free returns for all orders. That's right. You opened it and don't like it? No prob Jose. We'll refund you instantly. No questions asked. Simply let us know within 30 days of purchase.

The same way humans have done it for years! It's that simple. Tear off a strip and throw it in your washer. You can either add it in the tub or stick it in the detergent drawer like normal.

One strip is a perfect dose for a medium load. You're happy to tear it in half for a small load. For larger loads, we recommend two strips. Our laundry is compatible for any and every washing machine(top load, front load, high efficiency washers).

It's so simple it's like magic.

Shipping is absolutely free on all orders from the USA.

International orders come at a slight cost since we have to send it out of our borders.

We're Rated 5 Stars for a reason


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