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Creatine Monohydate | Vegan | Non-GMO | Gluten-Free | Reduced Sugar

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The Houdini Difference

Creatine is a naturally occurring organic acid that provides energy to muscle cells. It is produced by the body and also obtained through the diet, mostly from meat and fish. In supplement form, creatine is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase high-intensity exercise performance and muscle strength.

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Creatine is commonly taken as a sports supplement to improve athletic performance, particularly in high-intensity, short-duration activities such as weightlifting, sprinting and jumping. Research suggests that taking creatine supplements can increase muscle strength, power and size, as well as improve recovery after exercise. It may also enhance cognitive function and reduce fatigue

Most definitely! The FDA issued a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating on Creatine Monohydrate in 2020.

Most Definitely! Our team uses it ourselves and we have full faith in our products.

We're so confident that we also offer free returns for all orders. That's right. You opened it and don't like it? No prob Jose. We'll refund you instantly. No questions asked. Simply let us know within 30 days of purchase.

We recommend 2-3 gummies daily depending on your liking and activity. Each gummy has 2.5g of creatine and a couple a day is the recommended amount.

It's so simple it's like magic.

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