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I’m beyond blown away. I can’t believe this little strip did better than my tide lol. This really is magic. Laundry days are easier than ever!

Caroline Cole

Los Angeles, CA


I used to use dropps monthly but now switched since these take up much less space. There's literally no reason for pods with the liquid. A strip is all I need and these clean my clothes even better.

Daniel Tucker

Denver, CO


I was pleasantly surprised to find an environmentally friendly detergent that is as sensitive to my skin as it is to the environment. Just throw it in the wash and it's ready to use in just a few minutes, without the need for additional laundry.

Emily Baker

Seattle, MN


This works even better than the Tide that I was using for years. This makes my clothes feel and look better!

Amanda Stevens

Chicago, IL


I am very pleased with the results. Everything from the packaging and the delivery, to the actual detergent and how it cleans my clothes effectively.

Alan Turner

Las Vegas, NV

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